4th of July PSA: Don’t Open Bottles with Your Teeth!

Now that it’s the 4th of July, dentists everywhere are bracing for the inevitable: tooth injuries caused by people opening beer and wine bottles with their teeth. In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, Viewmont Family Dentistry would like to remind you why this is never a good idea—and, while we’re on the subject, some other things you shouldn’t do with your teeth, either.

Opening Caps and Corks with Your Teeth: A No Brainer

A 12 pack of beer is about $10. A cheap bottle of wine is the same. A crown, tooth implant, root canal, or other type of dental reconstruction starts at $4000. You can see why opening a bottle with your teeth is not impressive—it’s just foolish! While opening a bottle with your teeth might be an entertaining party trick, you will certainly not find it entertaining to lie in a dental chair for multiple office visits.

If you find yourself with a bottle, and no bottle opener, there are countless cool ways to open it that don’t involve your teeth. You can use another bottle, a dollar bill, a coin, or (not as cool, but just as effective), a dish towel. You can also just opt for cans or twist-tops. Keep a bottle opener on your keychain, and you’ll never find yourself having to use your sensitive tooth material (although you never “have” to, anyway.)

On a Related Note: Don’t Open Plastic Bags with Your Teeth

Your 4th of July party might have chips as well as beer. And if said beer is making opening said chips difficult, you might be tempted to use your teeth to get the pesky thing open. However, remember that every time you use your enamel as a pair of scissors, you wear it down a little bit further. One day, you’ll experience “the straw that broke the camel’s back” in terms of dental damage, and you’ll need to get an expensive restoration. In fact, if you’re older or have had a lot of dental work done already, opening a bag with your teeth could itself be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Therefore, even though we know most of you have stopped listening, we still plead with you to never open chips, wrappers, or even a stubborn sales tag with your teeth. Instead, one great tip is to purchase a pair of keychain scissors so you’ll always have them on hand. This set from Amazon is only $5 and is extremely practical!

Need an Emergency Dentist? Call Viewpoint Family Dentistry

If you find yourself in need of a restorative dentist or emergency dentist this summer, call Viewpoint Family Dentistry. If you’ve chipped a tooth opening a bottle or bag, we’ll fix you up immediately, and we promise not to say “I told you so”.