5 Quick Facts About Cosmetic Dentistry

Visiting the regular dentist is a practice that many individuals engage in on a regular basis; however, when it comes to scheduling a session with the cosmetic dentist in Hickory, they balk. Instead of allowing this fear or anxiety to stifle your dental efforts, take the time to understand how the field of cosmetic dentistry can improve your style.

1. What is the focus of cosmetic dentistry?
Visiting a cosmetic dentist in Hickory generally gives you the chance to change the aesthetics of your teeth. These cosmetic issues may spring from dental disease, decay or injury. Also, some patients want to change the look of their teeth because they are unhappy with the current appearance.

2. Does this field resolve dental hygiene issues?
When you visit a cosmetic dentist, you should talk about the issues in your mouth. Maintaining appointments with your regular dentist is important. Whether a cosmetic dentist can resolve certain issues depends upon what the issues are and what steps have already been taken toward repair.

3. Can children visit a cosmetic dentist?
Some parents will find that their children are in need of services from a cosmetic dentist. However, the majority of the patients are adults. Children who do not have their permanent teeth may not be ready for the services of a cosmetic dentist. Speaking with the professionals is the best way to find out if your kids are ready for such procedures.

4. Will my insurance cover the costs?
Whether or not your insurance will cover the cost of these procedures depends upon the company. Furthermore, you need to call the cosmetic practice to find out if your insurance is accepted. When cost is an issue, speak with the practice upfront to find out what your options are.

5. Can a cosmetic dentist change my look?
Depending upon the procedure that you have, the change might be slight or prodigious. You should see an improvement in your smile. Even when the adjustment is minor, you can exude a greater sense of confidence knowing that at least this problem has been resolved.

Learning about this field can act as the catalyst for your first appointment. However, you also should speak with a cosmetic dentist to discover more about your specific condition and treatment options. In order to do so, give our office a call as soon as possible.