6 Famous Movie Teeth You Didn’t Know Were Fake

Most dentists and dental technicians create crowns, veneers, and dentures that can help people improve their appearance. But a select few dentists focus on altering peoples’ appearances for movies, TV shows, and stage productions. If you’ve ever seen a character get a tooth knocked out from a well-deserved punch, then you’ve seen the work of a Hollywood dental technician! Below are some fake movie teeth that helped create some of the most iconic Hollywood scenes and characters we’ve ever seen.

Mrs. Doubtfire’s Fake Dentures

One of the funniest (and cringiest) moments in the comedy drama Mrs. Doubtfire is when the title character, played by Robin Williams, accidentally drops a set of dentures into a glass of wine, then quips, “Carpe Dentum!” Since Williams had all his teeth, the fake dentures had to be placed over his real ones, in such a way that they didn’t alter or impede his speaking ability.

Jonah Hill’s Veneers in Wolf of Wall Street

In Wolf of Wall Street, Jonah Hill wears dramatic, oversized veneers to help him portray Azoff, a greedy, philandering drug addict. The snow-white veneers made it tough for Hill to do his New York accent, and the actor dedicated hours to perfecting his speech while wearing them. Despite this experience, Hill harbors no ill will towards the teeth: they were the only memento he kept from the set of the film.

Interview with a Vampire’s Fangs

Archer and his team created over 150 sets of vampire teeth for the main six characters in Interview with a Vampire, including Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. The teeth varied depending on which scene was being filmed: some called for short fangs, and in others, the directors wanted long “biting teeth.” Archer was a bit exhausted by the experience, telling interviewers, “After that was over, I never wanted to see another set of vampire teeth again!”

Tom Hanks’ False Abscess in Cast Away

For 2000 survival drama Cast Away, Archer created a fake tooth abscess, complete with, as he put it, “all sorts of gunk and pus and stuff coming out of it.” The prop was instrumental in a later scene wherein Hanks’ character takes an ice skate and knocks out his tooth with it because it was causing him so much pain. The end result was powerfully convincing, and certainly not for the squeamish!

Anthony Hopkins’ Veneers in Nixon

In order to make Anthony Hopkins to look more like the famed ex-President, Archer fabricated highly authentic upper and lower prosthetic veneers. A little too authentic—Hopkins reportedly was so comfortable wearing the veneers that he forgot he was wearing them, and ended up breaking them when he absentmindedly took a bite out of an apple. “They became a part of him,” Archer said.

Austin Powers’ Trademark Grin

Austin Powers’ iconic, crooked smile is manufactured, complete with gaps and stains. Archer told interviewers that Mike Myers was one of his favorite actors to work with, stating, “We decided we wanted to have prototypical 1960s bad British teeth. Mike took those and really made them famous. We went through three films with him, just a wonderfully funny man, absolutely brilliant.”

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