Things Your Hickory NC Dentist Wants You to Know

You probably already know that you should brush and floss at least twice a day, but a few dental tips are less well-known. Here are a few things about your teeth, mouth and dental care that might surprise you from our Hickory NC dentist office.

Even if nothing hurts, there could still be a problem.

Most dental problems do not become painful until the situation is extreme. For example, if one of your teeth has a hairline fracture, you may not feel anything until the fracture has split down to the root. The same goes for the appearance of the teeth—even if everything looks fine on the surface, there still could be an underlying problem.

Medications can cause a spike in cavities 

Occasionally, adults aged 45-60 who have relatively good oral hygiene start to see an increase in cavities. Many dentists attribute this phenomenon to an increased use of medications. Many medications can reduce salivary flow, which increases the risk of tooth decay. Even something as small as aspirin or ibuprofen can contribute to dental issues, so make sure to tell your dentist every drug you have taken recently, including herbal supplements.

Bleeding gums are not “normal”

No matter how minor it is, blood is an indication that the gums are inflamed and that the patient is experiencing mild irritation from plaque or tartar. If you’ve seen any blood while brushing or flossing, it’s not normal—so be sure to practice good oral hygiene!

Flossing right before your appointment doesn’t fool anyone.

If the last time you flossed was, well, the last time you had a dentist appointment, you’re better off leaving your gums alone. Dentists can tell by your gum tissue whether you floss regularly or not, and a hasty pre-appointment flossing will only cause damage and make the cleaning process more uncomfortable.

Babies, toddlers, and children do need to see the dentist.

Some people assume that since baby teeth will eventually fall out and be replaced, there’s no need to bring them to the dentist. In fact, the health of the baby teeth will impact the health and position of the adult teeth.

We hope you enjoyed these dentistry tips! To schedule an appointment with a dentist office in Hickory NC, click here.