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What is a Tooth Abscess? Ask Our Hickory NC Oral Surgeon

Tooth abscess symptoms include severe, throbbing pain; swollen lymph nodes, and difficulty breathing/swallowing. If you believe that you have developed a tooth abscess, contact our emergency dentist office immediately. If you are not currently suffering from a tooth abscess, keep reading to learn more about this painful condition, and how to prevent one from developing. […]

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Oral Bacteria: Understanding the Ecosystem in Your Mouth!

Our teeth might sometimes seem like rocks or seashells—things which are “dead” and nonliving. However, our mouths are actually a very active and complex ecosystem of both good and bad bacteria. Understanding how these bacteria live, grow, and die can help us take care of our oral health and keep our teeth strong and healthy. […]

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Our Hickory Dentist Explains How Fluoride Protects Tooth Enamel 

Fluoride is a natural mineral, like calcium or salt, that has been repeatedly shown to be able to strengthen tooth enamel. Due to this property, fluoride has been added to municipal water systems in developed countries for about 70 years. For those curious about the efficacy of fluoride and how it works, here is more […]

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