How Dental Implants Improve Facial Appearance & Biting Surfaces | Hickory Cosmetic Dentists

Faster Procedures are Possible

If you have one or more missing teeth, then dental implants are an excellent option to improve the appearance of your smile along with providing a sturdy biting surface. When our Hickory cosmetic dentists first began dental implantation procedures on patients, the process was more complex. Today, undergoing this oral surgery is frequently easier and faster, especially when you have healthy gum and bone tissue.

You Need an Examination

The only way to know if dental implants are a possibility for you is by visiting a dental facility to have a thorough examination that includes medical imaging. When your dentist approves this procedure, it is often possible to have all of the metal posts inserted into your mouth’s bones and gums in one day, making it a fast way to get a beautiful smile.

Improve Gums and Bones

Alternatively, if a dentist determines that your gums and bones are not healthy enough for this type of restoration, there are ways to improve the strength of bones and health of gums in only a few months. For patients with gingivitis, cosmetic dentists can scrape away bacteria and diseased tissue to create a healthier mouth. When a patient’s bones are too porous or weak, there are medications available to strengthen the bones to make it easier to insert metal posts.

Patients Require Anesthesia for Oral Surgery

It is important to remember that this oral surgery requires anesthesia, and you will need recovery time of one or more days, depending on how many implants are inserted. A dentist cuts through your gum tissue with a tiny scalpel before drilling a hole in the lower or upper bones of your mouth to insert a durable metal post. A tiny screw is placed on this post, and this is where your custom-made dental restoration is placed.

Implants Look Natural Inside the Mouth

The restorations look similar to dental crowns and look natural next to the other teeth inside your mouth. If you are getting a full-set of implants, then the dentist designs teeth that resemble real ones to provide a smile that looks normal rather than artificial. If you are only getting a few implants, then a dentist may recommend a teeth-whitening procedure to improve the aesthetics of the other teeth in your mouth.

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