Get a Healthy Smile for Life with These Hickory NC Dentist Services!

At Viewmont Family Dentistry, we go above and beyond to deliver exceptional oral care to our Hickory, NC patients. Our personalized solutions, compassionate treatment, and cutting-edge dental technology are the reasons why our patients return to us again and again. Below are a few of the dental services we offer that can keep your smile healthy and bright!

Hickory Dental Exams 

Our comprehensive dental exams will detect any tooth problems you may be experiencing and prevent them from developing further. We will also use digital X-Ray imaging to examine your neck and jaw for signs of bone loss or oral cancer.

Hickory Cavity Fillings

If you have a cavity, fillings can prevent your tooth from decaying further and protect you from tooth decay and tooth loss. If you have already had metal cavity fillings in the past, we can replace them as they become old or unattractive.

Hickory Dental Implants

No other form of tooth replacement is as effective as a dental implant. This treatment creates a synthetic tooth which rests atop a prosthetic “root” embedded in the jaw. Dental implants will hold the restoration tooth in permanently and support your jaw and gum health just like a natural tooth would.

Hickory Dentures

If you’ve grown accustomed to covering your mouth with a hand when you smile, or only choosing soft foods at the buffet, dentures can help you get your life back. Our compassionate dentists can help you find dentures that are affordable, well-fitting, and suitable for your preference and lifestyle.

Hickory Root Canals

Root canals are simple, highly effective treatments can relieve tooth pain, remove infected tissue, and save your natural teeth from requiring an extraction. Our Hickory dentist will thoroughly clean the infected area and seal it to prevent future infection. We use local anesthesia to eliminate most discomfort.

Experiencing Tooth Pain? Visit Our Hickory NC General Dentist

If you live in Hickory NC are experiencing pain or discomfort in your teeth, stop by Viewmont Family Dentistry today. Our experienced dentists will help you determine which procedure is right for you. If you are concerned about payment, we can discuss financing options that can make the payment process easier. To request an appointment, click here.