Get to Know the Differences Between Dental Bridges & Crowns

There has been confusion between bridges and crowns. While there are similarities, these two are different entities on their own. The primary similarity between dental bridges and dental crowns is that they are both prosthetic teeth that are used to replace or hide a damaged tooth.

Here is a more detailed distinction of the two:

Dental Crowns
A crown covers a damaged or broken tooth without ideally replacing it. It is used as a cap and to reclaim the tooth beneath it. That tooth, though damaged, is not removed but instead covered with the crown to protect it from further damage or decay.

Benefits of a Crown

  • It strengthens the damaged tooth
  • It improves the appearance of the tooth beneath it
  • Gives one a new look that lasts long.

Crowns are made from durable material such as porcelain, ceramic, acrylic, gold and metal alloys. The colors of these metals are matched to that of your teeth.

They serve a similar purpose as crowns. However, they are a replacement for lost teeth. The gap that is left bare after the loss of a tooth makes you a perfect candidate for a bridge. As the word suggests, it fills up the space between two teeth. The adjacent teeth act as support for the bridge so that it is fitted comfortably between them.

Benefits of Bridges

  • They have a cosmetic benefit.
  • They protect the gum in the area that was left bare
  • They prevent the remaining teeth from shifting into the area that was left after the uprooting of a tooth. This could cause bad bite.

Just like crowns, bridges are made from ceramic and porcelain and our Hickory dentist will match the material with the color of your teeth.

Both dental bridges and dental crowns require care as though they were regular teeth. They have a long life as you could have them for ten years or more with good dental hygiene and regular visits to Viewmont Family Dentistry.

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