Hickory Dentist Shares 3 Important Tips to Obtain Fresher Breath

Throughout our daily life activities, we go through numerous encounters with friends and family. We catch up and share laughter about funny moments we just experienced, but it just won’t feel the same if one of the two had a case of bad breath and the other got to experience it. Everyone wants to have a bright smile without having to always visit our Hickory dentists, but a bright smile with bad breath can be an altogether disaster in the making. Keeping your mouth smelling fresh can be easily maintained with a small list of 3 tips to obtain fresher breath.

1. Brush Your Tongue
Your tongue gets to experience everything that goes into your mouth, and over time it can accumulate enough bacteria and food left-overs to start to rot. Brushing your tongue after eating or drinking juices and coffee will scrape all bacteria and left-overs built up and leave your tongue feeling clean, and get fresher breath smell.

2. Drink A Lot Of Water
Everyone knows that drinking water is really good for you, and it flushes your system from anything bad in it. But most people don’t know that dehydration and a dry mouth can lead up to a very bad breath smell. Drinking a lot of water can help clean your mouth in addition to preventing dehydration and it’s causing related smells.

3. Increase Your Consumption Of Fruits Containing Citrus
Citrus is known to be a cleaning ingredient in our digestive system. Fruits that contain citrus in them also help kill any bacteria that has built up inside your mouth which will eliminate any bad breath and produce fresher breath.

When it really comes down to it, brushing your teeth at least twice a day will prevent any bad breath smell from building up leading up to get fresher breath. Maintaining such a positive routine may take time to get adjusted to, but over time with every time you brush your teeth, you will begin to stop thinking about it as a hassle to keep your breath fresh, and it will just become a habit you do everyday because you’re used to it and because it’s what all our Hickory dentists would recommend.