What are Dental Implants Made of? Ask a Hickory Dentist

The use of dental implants in dentistry has become a choice option for those seeking to improve their teeth, health, and quality of life. A dental implant can allow patients who have one or more missing teeth to once again experience the feeling of having a real, fully functioning tooth as well as a restored, healthy smile.

Dental implants are a crafted replacement that act as the actual root of a real, natural tooth and are secured to the jaw bone through oral surgery. There are three main components that comprise a dental implant:

  1. The Implant: A screw made of titanium that is not seen, but is attached to the jaw bone underneath the gums through oral surgery. The implant acts as a real, fully functioning tooth root.
  2. The Abutment: A part of the implant that sticks out through the gums and is used to attach the new tooth to the root.
  3. The Crown: The new, prosthetic replacement tooth. The crown will look and act as a natural tooth.

After the patient has fully healed from this surgery and the implant has fully settled inside the gums, a crown can be attached to the abutment giving the patient the look of a real, natural and fully functioning tooth.

Dental implants are an excellent option for people who have missing teeth and want to improve their quality of life. An implant will act, feel, and look like a real tooth and the procedure is simple with high success rates. A cosmetic dentist can perform the surgery easily and give you the peace of mind that your implant will last without issue as a permanent part of your mouth and smile. Patients experience minimal pain or discomfort during the implant procedure, and are guaranteed a beautiful, fully functioning tooth for years to come. Some of the reasons it is in a patient’s best interest to opt for this procedure include:

  • Proper teeth structure – an implant fills the space of a missing tooth to ensure the proper alignment of the surrounding teeth
  • Preserved facial structure – The natural structure of the jaw bone is also affected by missing teeth, and can be preserved through an implant replacement
  • Most natural option – An implant is the closest thing to having a real tooth, and gives the patient the freedom from removable replacement prostheses options, which are often uncomfortable or embarrassing

If you are ready to improve your quality of life and gain peace of mind, contact your cosmetic dentist to discover your options and begin the process towards a beautiful, natural feeling smile. Call and request an appointment today!