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What is a Tooth Abscess? Ask Our Hickory NC Oral Surgeon

Tooth abscess symptoms include severe, throbbing pain; swollen lymph nodes, and difficulty breathing/swallowing. If you believe that you have developed a tooth abscess, contact our emergency dentist office immediately. If you are not currently suffering from a tooth abscess, keep reading to learn more about this painful condition, and how to prevent one from developing. […]

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What to Do if Your Dental Implant Crown Fails | Hickory Family Dentistry

As of right now, dental implants are the safest, most effective way of replacing a tooth that has been lost. This is primarily because, unlike other restorative dentistry options, a dental implant perfectly mimics the structure of a natural tooth, with the implant serving as an artificial “root” that supports the crown above it.  While […]

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