Unpacking The Many Benefits of Dental Implants

Why have dental implants become one of the first choices when looking to restore missing or broken teeth? First, it is the next best thing to natural or healthy teeth. It can restore a lost tooth to look natural, and it will fit and function similar to what you might experience with a regular tooth. Your cosmetic dentist has built it to last. The traditional dental bridge is expected to last just five to seven years, and while a dental implant can occasionally require adjustments, it has been designed to last a lifetime. This oral surgery is best done by a cosmetic dentist who has been trained in the field. Here are some reasons to consider dental implants:

  • Retain Your Natural Smile!
  • Protect Healthy Bones
  • Beats Dentures
  • Functions Like Natural Teeth

Another reason that people have taken a liking to dental implants would be because they can bite naturally without having to hesitate. Unlike your removable dentures, implants will not feel uncomfortable, so you will experience the full taste of your food. With implants, cavities cannot occur. Nevertheless, you will still want to visit your dentist for cleanings like it were a natural tooth because this will capitalize on your investment.

Avoid Embarrassing Moments

When wearing dentures, they have the chance to slip. That can lead to some embarrassing moments when talking, eating, smiling, yawning or kissing. In addition, because implants have been fixed in place, they will not click, move or shift. You want to do everything you can to protect your healthy teeth, and if you place a tooth supported bridge in your mouth, that means that you will have to grind away at one or more of the healthy teeth, which will damage those teeth. With a dental implant, it goes in the jawbone, and it takes the place of the old tooth without having an impact on your healthy teeth.

Another reason that you should consider oral surgery with your cosmetic dentist? A dental implant will have a more predictable outcome than other restoration methods. In fact, it has a proven track record for providing better success than what you might receive with a treatment to repair damaged teeth or having bridgework done. The problem with bridgework is that you can damage the surrounding teeth, and it still might not work. For further information, pick up the phone and schedule an appointment today!