Think You Have Bad Breath? Here’s How to Know for Sure

Bad breath can be caused by a wide variety of factors and lead to some embarrassing moments. Powerful smelling foods like garlic and onions can leave you with a sour smell lasting for hours. Smoking or sinus troubles can also be to blame. Sometimes you don’t have to eat anything because naturally occurring bacteria on your tongue and teeth can release foul odors. There are many dental care tips available to help you freshen up and a general dentist in Hickory can help reduce bad breathe, but first you have to figure out if you stink or not. Here are nine methods to find out.

Cupping your Hand
By directing your breath toward your nose, you can get a sense of your current breath’s odors. This method will reveal strong halitosis but won’t expose any minor issues.

Bad Taste in Your Mouth
Since your nose and mouth are connected, your nose is programmed to ignore the smell of your own breath. A sour or dry taste in your mouth following a flavorful meal or beverage can often reveal the onset of bad breath.

Check with a Mirror
This is the most reliable observation based test. Using a mirror, stick your tongue out as far as you can. If you have white, gunky build up on the back of your tongue, you most likely have bad breath.

Wrist Test
This is one of the most effective but least covert methods of checking your breath. Lick your wrist and let the saliva dry for a few seconds. The smell will reveal any halitosis present.

Ask Someone
With the help of a close friend or trusted loved one, you can simply ask someone else to smell your breath.

Testing with Dental Floss
Bacteria creates their most powerful stink where food can become trapped. Floss between your back teeth or in any tooth gaps you might have. The smell of the floss can tell your level of halitosis.

Test with a Spoon
Extremely reliable but a tad gross, the spoon test works instantly. Using a spoon, lightly scrape along your tongue. Any smell from the scrapings will give you an exact picture of what you smell like to others.

Use a Kit
If you feel you have recurring halitosis, you can invest in a chemical kit or Halimeter. Both are well priced and can fit easily in a pocket or purse. A quick check on the device can tell you if you need to freshen up.

Ask at Your Next Dental Appointment
Our general dentist in Hickory is an oral care professional and can accurately test and help reduce bad breathe. In office procedures, they can provide you with a wealth of dental care tips to keep your halitosis from reoccurring. Contact us for more information or to schedule your next appointment.