Why It’s Important to Preserve Your Tooth Extraction Site

In today’s world of sugary drinks and acidic foods, many people suffer from a variety of diseases of the teeth, mouth, or gums. Many of these diseases unfortunately are not treated soon enough, and the result is the need for a tooth extraction or in some extreme cases, cosmetic dentistry. Our Hickory dentist office is the leader in the fields of examination, treatments, and proper pre and post treatment needs.

Often the conditions of teeth become deteriorated and decayed and they require a tooth extraction. To safely remove these diseased teeth and replace them with prosthetic or false teeth, the underlying area of the jaw needs to be preserved and prepared. The preservation of this site involves the bone that surrounds the teeth called the alveolar or ridge bone. Once an infected or damaged tooth is removed, this bone immediately starts to deteriorate or “melt” into the jaw. It is important that this bone ridge be preserved for the installation of future replacement implants.

This bone ridge deteriorates in two separate phases. The first phase involves the non-traumatic removal of damaged material while preserving as much of the underlying bone as possible. This method also reduces the amount of discomfort and bleeding. The second method involves grafting bone replacement materials into the extraction socket. This method is successful but it is not a permanent solution. Having the new replacement implants created and installed three to twelve months after the initial socket grafting and extraction process. By having the implants crafted right after the extraction will offer the patient the best chances of preserving your jawbone with long lasting support.

In certain cases, it is possible to implant the dentures or replacement teeth at the same time as the extraction of the damaged or diseased teeth. The dental professional will be able to determine if this is an option for your unique dental situation as it is set up in the treatment plan. Once the jaw has been properly preserved for the installation of prosthetic or replacement teeth, the cosmetic dentistry staff at our Hickory dentist office will construct your false teeth or dental implant.

When it comes to the preservation of the extraction site of teeth, the team at our Hickory dentist office are ready and willing to help. Their tooth extraction and cosmetic dentistry experience will have you back to eating all of your favorite foods without fear or pain.