Dental Crowns or Dental Bridges–Which is Better?

The use of dental crowns and bridges is included as part of restorative dentistry. You need special devices to replace missing teeth and improve your smile. You may need to cap broken teeth or straighten uneven teeth. Installing crowns or bridges is a popular option at a typical dentist’s office. Know the difference between the two and choose the right option for you.


A crown is a cap that covers the entire tooth. The crown is placed on top of your natural tooth or a dental implant. It is similar to a crown that you place on top of the head – it covers the top but not the base. On a natural tooth, the crown covers a large hole or cavity.

The crown is manufactured in a lab, and the final product is cemented onto the tooth. It is made of restorative materials that, with proper maintenance, last as long as natural teeth do. A variety of materials appear on crowns, such as porcelain, ceramic, metal and gold.

Mainly, the crown is designed to strengthen the tooth and improve the full appearance of teeth. The crown covers the top, while the veneer covers the front of the tooth.


A dental bridge is another type of restorative device like a crown. It also involves the process of attaching a false tooth to a natural tooth or implant. A crown is a top covering, while a bridge is an attachment made of one or more teeth.

Bridges are also known as dentures that replace missing teeth and cannot be removed. Like with crowns, the tooth is prepared first, and the product is applied using cement.


Dental crowns and bridges are more similar than different. The devices are permanently attached to the teeth, so the installation must be done by a professional. Specialists are trained to do these installations, but plenty of dentists are trained in the restorative field. Not every Hickory dentist is qualified to handle this procedure, so you must pick and choose carefully.

Many people wonder what crowns and bridges do. You cannot use either device to fix the same problem. You must know the full details in order to make the right choice. Either way, find a professional to create the perfect product for you. Reach out to a dental professional who specializes in crowns and bridges, and contact our Hickory dentist for an appointment.