Why Bedside Manner Matters So Much to Our Hickory Dentists

When it comes to choosing a general dentist, you may feel compelled to join one of two camps. You must either select a dentist with great bedside manner and sub par professional skills or a practitioner who knows exactly what to do with your teeth but not how to interact with individuals. In such scenarios, many choose the latter; however, beside manner is important. Instead, opt for a local dentist office with experts who boast both skill sets.

Reducing Anxiety
Consider how you feel when you know you have to spend time with an unfriendly individual; you probably have some anxiety about it. With dental exams, procedures, health scares and cleanings, visits to the general dentist evoke enough fear as it is. Instead of adding more trepidation onto that mountain, remember that a dentist with good bedside manner helps to put you more at ease while you’re sitting in that chair.

Asking Questions
No matter how much the professional explains the results of dental exams and how to properly brush your teeth, you probably will have at least a couple of questions left over. A dentist who comes off as pugnacious is to likely to frighten you away from asking these questions. Even if you do inquire, the response may come off as rushed or bothered. Dentists with strong people skills take the time to answer you fully.

Preparing for the Future
Even if you do not have children now, you may plan to do so in the future. When little ones come along, they need to visit the dentist too. Establishing a relationship with a friendly dentist now can make that transition easier later. Kids who connect with a friendly and gregarious dentist may very well have less fear of the whole process than children who are introduced to hostility from the first moment they step into a practice. Just as a kind and considerate dentist is important for you, so is he or she for your kids.

Dentists need to be professionals who know how to maximize your oral health; however, having a pleasant demeanor and presentation is another critical part of the equation. Instead of surrendering and giving up one of these important requirements, give our Hickory dental office a call today to schedule an appointment with a professional who cares about your needs and your fears.