Your Dentist Knows Best: Is Chewing Gum Safe for Your Teeth?

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Researching some really good general and family Hickory NC dentists in your area, can be challenging. You have to figure out who is going to provide the best care, at minimal cost. Knowing the right dentist is very important, not just for you, but for your kids too.

Children’s Dentistry Services

Your kids need to take extra, special care of their teeth. That is, if they want to keep them. The best way to find a good and reputable dentist for your kids, is to look under children s dentistry services. They can match you with some really good referrals. Those referrals can turn into a solid relationship with your dentist. A solid relationship with your dentist, also means knowing the benefits of improving dental hygiene. Most dentists are mot going to spout out ideas on improving dental hygiene, when their patients aren’t going to listen. A good solid relationship involves a two-way street.

That two-way street means listening to advice on your child’s habits. Habits that tend to include gum chewing.

Your Dentist Knows Best: Is Chewing Gum Really Safe for Your Teeth

There has been some debate over this for years. Many people believe that gum-chewing will not harm a person. Still, others believe the opposite. But let’s ask a dentist. See what he or she says on the subject.

According to most dentists and studies in the news, chewing gum is not healthy for you at all. Let’s look at the breakdown.

1) You will eat less fruit and more junk food
2) It can trigger TMJ
3) You can develop GI problems, problems that include IBS and cramping
4) You’ll rot your teeth. For most dentists, this seems to be the main one, though these others come in at a close second.
5) You are actually chewing a sheep-by product
6) You are also releasing mercury into the air. Depending on how much you chew, it can release high levels. Those high levels can lead to mental disorders and other illnesses. It’s also very un-attractive to see and hear.